Its easy to be seduced by the glamour of big-city, big-name advertising  agencies. The world is full of them conducting business from the 45th  floor of some gleaming office tower in practically every metropolis on  earth. These giant agencies (also known as multi-national conglomerates)  have armies of employees who work 9-to-5 hours in an attempt to keep  their clients happy. For years everyone thought that was what advertising agencies were all about: Mega Agency is so big, they must  have all the big ideas.

The fact is, thats untrue. Companies in the new economy looking for quality, creative advertising and marketing services are realizing that, well, when it comes to their advertising agency, less can definitely be more! Less bureaucratic red tape, less misunderstanding and, yes, less money. But can you really get more from a smaller agency Absolutely because youre dealing with the owners themselves, people who have a  real stake in seeing that your company meets its advertising and
marketing goals.

At a smaller agency, the people with whom you meet to discuss your advertising are often the people who create your advertising. (Try finding that at a big agency!) They get to know you, your business, and  the best way to promote your product or service. Smaller agencies are independent theres no phalanx of suits intervening in the creative process. You get what you want pure and simple.

Need other reasons to consider small over big People at smaller agencies deliver more creative for less money and in less time. Need something done in a day Smaller agencies can deliver. Big agencies are still scheduling meetings when your ad deadline has come and gone.

And theres money. Yes, MONEY. Smaller agencies can make your advertising dollar go much further, often suggesting alternatives you might not have considered. Because smaller agencies have a select number of clients, you and your business are important to their survival. Your success translates to their success. Convinced. Give Kamen Advertising a call. We'll get back to you and you'll actually speak to a person named Kamen.