Kamen Advertising is a successful advertising, marketing, public relations and internet agency with an impressive roster of clients, some of whom have been with us for over 15 years.

At Kamen Advertising, our success stems from industry experience and a keen understanding of our clients' business and marketing objectives. We take a creative approach to meeting the advertising and marketing challenges of a wide variety of clients - from large international firms to fledgling entrepreneurial start-ups. Kamen Advertising is dedicated to helping businesses of all kinds excel and prosper. We pride ourselves on maintaining a close, person-to-person relationship with our clients, with trust always at the forefront.

Kamen Advertising is a group of seasoned, talented professionals who produce and place superior, results-oriented work. As a full-service agency, we provide complete advertising and marketing services using traditional and non-traditional media. Whether our clients need a major campaign, a quick series of ads, or collateral material, we'll follow through with whatever is necessary to create a successful program for your company - from strategic planning to focus groups - to ensure a winning finished product.

Our Kamen ONLINE component produces cutting-edge, custom-designed, award-winning internet sites that make companies optimize their strength in a fast-changing enviroment

It all takes place in New York City, where creativity thrives and great ideas form lasting impressions.